XQuery and MarkLogic Developer Blogs

Inspired by this list of Computational Linguistic Blogs, I thought I’d aggregate and share the blogs I follow that provide useful information on working with XQuery and/or MarkLogic Server.

The blogs noted here are alive and active.   I like these as they’re written by people who are actually writing code, building things, and solving problems.  They provide code examples, as well as practical insight.   I give a brief synopsis of the activity, and if the author also provides information on working with MarkLogic, I note that as well.  Finally, if the author is active on twitter, you can click their name to follow.

The following are all awesome and listed in no particular order.


  • alex bleasdale / Developer Notes
  • Self-described as notes on XML and Web Development, he’s been on a MarkLogic and XQuery tear lately.  Lots of useful information here.

  • norman walsh / blog
  • Norm is a shotgun blast of all things X: XML, XProc, XQuery, XSLT and more.  He’s now an Engineer at MarkLogic too.  Posts frequently, and its always good.

  • matt turner / Discovering XQuery
  • Irregular posting, but when published, they’re always good.  The blog archive provides many useful tutorials for working with XQuery as well as MarkLogic Server.

  • kit wallace / blog
  • A person who sees solutions written in other languages, asks himself “how would I do that in XQuery”, figures it out, and shares the code.  Useful, fun, and frequent posts on XQuery , XSLT,  XProc and more.

  • jeni tennison / Musings
  • Excellent posts on XQuery, XML, RDF, and Linked Data published on a regular basis.

  • mattio valentino /Rendition Protocol
  • Posts on MarkLogic, XQuery, and more.  The blog is a collection of his development notes and is full of useful snippets and insight.

Alright, that’s it for now.  If you know of others who share XQuery code, experience and/or information on working with MarkLogic Server on a regular basis, I’d really like to know about them.  Please let me know who they are so I can check them out and maybe add them to the list.